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Location Strategies for 

Economic and Business Development 

Investment Attraction

​Attracting new employers and retaining existing ones are the most important jobs for economic developers. We've helped leading agencies at all levels - national, state/provincial, and local - create successful growth strategies and implement attraction programs leveraging the unique assets of local communities.

Outsourcing, Offshoring and Shared Services Location Strategy

For both manufacturing and service delivery, sourcing and shoring questions are key factors. Highstone Associates, Inc. understands location selection and can help communities and countries create effective strategies and marketing programs to attract new employers and can assist companies in determining the best locations for their sustained success.

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Business

RPA and AI are changing the way businesses manage internal processes and are creating new opportunities for innovative ways to interact with customers and business partners.

​​Highstone Associates, Inc works with organizations seeking ways to use new technologies to improve their business operations and address growing opportunities created by automation, innovation, and digital transformation.

We work with service and technology vendors, and corporate users, to incorporate new technologies in market leading ways in a dynamic market environment. 

Areas of Expertise

Highstone Associates, Inc.

provides marketing and strategic development services to growing corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

We specialize in business and economic development.  Our business development work helps companies close new opportunities for strategic growth. Our economic development work deals with business aspects of location including site selection for corporations, business investment attraction for governments, and new market entry for growing businesses.

We help leaders shape the future growth of their organizations by providing practical guidance and proactive support in identifying new opportunities and leveraging strategic assets.

Economic Development 

Highstone Associates, Inc. works with public and private economic development promotion organiations and assists them in developing strategies and marketing plans, and in executing those plans in the field. Highstone Associates, Inc. has considerable experience in foreign direct investment attraction, domestic business attraction, and trade development promotion. 

We have represented foreign government agencies in the United States and have been responsible for corporate calling programs, mission management, event management and production, trade show marketing, and lead generation and match making initiatives.

Business Development 

 Highstone Associates, Inc. partners with commercial clients to help them profitably grow.  Business Development means many things to many people. Highstone Associates' flexibility and experience enables us to support your business development efforts in many ways, from helping to represent you in the market, to working with you to create strong client and partner relationships, establish profitable sales channels, or design and deliver targeted marketing to key audiences. We partner with clients on stragegy, messaging, positioning, and delivery. We have worked with businesses and organizations of all sizes and enjoy the ability to work with smaller companies and their founders,  

Each initiative is unique and we work closely with our clients to identify requirements and understand market drivers and industry dynamics so that we may design programs consistent with business goals, corporate culture, market expectations, and client budget.  We believe that long-term growth results from having a well-positioned, differentiated offering that delivers quality and value. We work as a part of our client's team and understand the importance of partnership, collaboration, and cooperation.


Highstone Associates, Inc. works with organizations to build innovative, practical and executable, multi-year strategic plans with clear road maps from the current position to the desired state.  Highstone Associates, Inc. believes in building on core assets to achieve sustainable growth. We listen to stakeholders, assess the environment, analyze opportunities, consider the challenges, and recommend the best way forward. Our strategic planning engagements develop strong financial analyses and projections while also helping clients establish differentiated market positioning, clear visions, and executable programs to support sustainable growth.  We partner with clients to help them strengthen their current position while preparing to leverage future opportunities.