Our Services

Marketing and Business Development

Bringing Offerings to Market

Highstone Associates Inc., has considerable experience bringing new products to market effectively. We're not an advertising agency, or a PR firm, or anything like that. We're a strategic consultancy which helps design and implement effective multi-channel, multi-media initiatives which get results. We know when to bring in experts in specific areas and we know who those experts are and how to best work with them. We work closely with your marketing and product managers to develop innovative and memorable campaigns that reach decision makers and buyers. We create messaging and positioning that makes your offering stand out and that tells your story uniquely. And we make sure that the message reaches the right audience.

Strategic Planning

Leveraging Assets for Growth

Highstone Associates offers strategic planning services for organizations seeking a pathway to growth.  We work closely with you to identify your internal strengths and resources which can serve as a foundation for your future success.  We explore the environmental opportunities for growth, looking for areas where you can differentiate your organization and stand out from the crowd in order to maximize opportunities for optimal returns on your investments. We work closely with you to design realistic and pragmatic plans that can be effectively implemented within your budget constraints and we're available to participate in on-going implementation of those plans. We're comfortable working with product or service organizations, and we've worked primarily in business-to-business and government-to-business situations.  We're probably not your best choice if you have a consumer product goods offering.

Conventions, Trade Shows, and Missions

Lead Generation, Matchmaking and Events

Highstone Associates, Inc. knows that when an investment attraction or trade development agency commits to attending a trade show or leading a delegation on a mission, its reputation is on the line. You need to delivery high quality interactions with motivated business prospects and potential partners.  And its hard to manage the delegation while also arranging for interactions.  Highstone Associates, Inc., understands how trade shows work and has participated in many foreign missions. We can help assure that your group meets with the right people at shows, that the right people are at your events, and that the meetings you have are with relevant prospects. And we're there to help you with the difficult logistics involved in these kinds of activities.  All to make your clients aware that you've done all that's possible to help them do business.

Promotional Event Management 

Delivering Your Experience

Highstone Associates, Inc. understands the power of a good event. Whether its a product launch, a press conference, or a travelling roadshow, we understand that the experience you present to your audience delivers a message before any speakers have gotten to the podium.  We know that having the right audience in the room, and not just having people in the chairs, is important to you.  But having the right speakers on the stage, the right topics on the agenda, and the right atmosphere in the venue, allow you to reach your audience in a meaningful manner.  We can manage your entire event, working with you to build the audience, fill the venue, create the program, and produce and execute the program.  We can work the entire event or focus on a portion of it.  Either way, we're part of your team and we want it to be successful.

recent engagements

Provided strategic services to a regional economic development partnership in support of targeted investment attraction program.

Representation of a south-east Asian government for the attraction of regional shared services centers to that country.

Strategic plan for foreign investment attraction for a county economic development agency.

Strategic growth plan development for a mid-sized professional services firm.

Strategic plan and implementation for technology cluster attraction for a mid-sized Canadian city.

US technology-oriented investment attraction and regional representation for a Canadian-province.

Strategy, marketing, business development and sales acceleration for an software development company based in the Caribbean.

Assessment of a Caribbean nation's readiness to attract new business process outsourcing investment.

Content production for a conference producer focused on nearshore outsourcing.

Production of a 2-day series of promotional events designed to highlight opportunities for US financial services companies in a Canadian province.

Promotion and appointment-setting for a consortium of Canadian economic development agencies at a major US industry trade show.